All cancellations are carried out within 24 hours. However, we need 3 clear full working days to enable a cancellation without forfeiting the full amount.

If you wish to reschedule or cancel a test you must notify us any time outside of the penalty period, the penalty period for DVSA is 3 clear working days before the date of your test.

You must provide 3 full working days notice in order for a cancellation or reschedule. No refund will be provided if you wish to cancel or reschedule a test within the penalty period.

Refunds for the DVSA theory test can only be made to the payment card used to purchase the goods. The recipient will not be able to get a cash refund if they want to cancel their DVSA theory test. Please allow up to 5 working days for the money to reach your account.

For our customers, to be eligible for our theory test pass protection scheme you require to have booked your theory test using the Site and provide us with a copy of the original failure sheet showing that you scored not less than 38 out of 50 multiple choice questions in the actual exam. All you need to do is satisfy our terms and conditions and provide us with original proof of your failure. Providing you do so we will rebook your test at our cost.

Please note all candidates need to sit the exam and meet the required score stated above to be eligible for a retest. You will not be eligible for a retest if you do not sit the exam, if you are late, you do not take the correct documentation, you are ill, turning up late for the exam, or any other reason preventing you from sitting the exam.